Digital Aviation Art

Hello and welcome to my website.

      My name is Anastasios Polychronis (aka itifonhom), based near Frankfurt, Germany and I create digital Aviation Art out of love for everything related to aviation, with passion and attention to detail. For the last 15 years, I created artwork for almost all major aviation related Publishers but also plastic model kit companies and private collectors. 

    I use Cinema4D, Maxwell Renderer and Photoshop, among other programms.


Some examples of my work

This is just a small selection of my work over the years. For more, you can visit my official Facebook site by clicking the button below.

Published Artwork

Commissioned artwork created for Osprey Publishing, Britain At War Magazine, Flugzeug Classic Magazine, Kagero Publications, TanModels among many others.

3D models

I also create 3D models

If you are interested in buying some of 3D models, you can visit my CGTrader site by clicking the button below

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