About me

   My name is Anastasios Polychronis, a.k.a. itifonhom (Yes, means E.T. phone home spelled wrong!). I´m Greek, around my mid forties, married, living near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. An old graphic artist, plastic modeller and aviation friend, I used my skills for many years to create aviation art in various ways. Started with editing flight simulator screenshots and slowly evolved to creating CG artworks. Turned professional some years ago but I still feel Aviation Art is a passion than a profession. Yes, that´s right, I really do like what I do!

   I´m open for commissioned work, be it 3D modelling, texturing or rendering or even better, all at once! Of course, I´m not constrained to aviation art only, I welcome any 3D related commission. For more details, you can contact me here.



Anastasios Polychronis (itifonhom)